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Thunderflower Distillery

FireShip 58 Navy Strength Gin

FireShip 58 Navy Strength Gin

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Used in 17th century naval warfare, Fire Ships were wooden ships packed with combustibles and gunpowder, set alight and steered whilst ablaze into the enemy fleet.

FireShip 58 is our Navy Strength gin, distilled in small batches in the London Dry method using vapour infusion to extract a complex, full-bodied flavour from our blend of botanicals from around the world.

This is not just a stronger version of our Thunderflower Gin, but an entirely new recipe.

Only pure Dartmoor spring water is added to dilute the spirit to 58% ABV, the strength at which gunpowder will still burn even if soaked in gin.

Every 700ml bottle is numbered and signed by the distiller, and includes a pack of dehydrated garnishes.

Delivered by Royal Mail in recyclable, plastic-free packaging.

58% ABV

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